Sports Club List


Within the variety of clubs and associations that contribute to the lively social life at TVMC . We have a fine tradition in sport. We have earned a reputation for our successful performances in intercollegiate competitions and tournaments. Many of our students have participated at the Blues/ InterVarsity level meets. Each year during the fresher week, the sports and associations organize in the common room, where representatives of college clubs and associations enroll the freshers. But most sports teams and associations take new members year-round. College subsidies are available to help defray the cost of participation in intercollegiate and university sports meet. The college has a strong tradition in cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, throwball, kho-kho, shuttle badminton, table tennis, gymnastics and track 7 field events.


Whether you are an experienced cricketer or you don’t know outs from overs, give the TVMC Cricket Club a try! We offer everything from competitive matches against other colleges to a "social" cricket team for people who want to learn something about this venerable sport in a more leisurely manner.
Contact: …………..for more information.


TVMC men may be a bet if you have speed in your nerves. Join the TVMC FBC to have blood rush.Contact: ………….. for more information.

Volley Ball

TVMC Volleyball Team is a close-knit group, with about a quarter of them hailing from the final years. They have hence many openings for both for experienced and young YOU! to compete at a high level and for novices who just want to try the sport. Contact: ………….. for more information..

Basket Ball

The TVMC Basketballer is an all exclusive team from the graduates and we welcome any one who happens to wander along and around our training sessions and matches. We take all abilities from the absolute beginner including the rare capacity of chasing the outreach ball. and put as many players on the pitch as we can manage throughout the season. If you're a bit rusty in your school days you've always been welcome. Hope to see you there - …….

Shuttle Badminton

The TVMC SB team competes in the intercollegiate ladder. We welcome people of all skill levels to come out to practices, which are usually held twice or thrice per week. TVMC also has an an introductory session several times each term to help beginners understand the basics of the game, and more advanced players hone their skills. To learn more about SB (including how to cheer), contact…


TVMC has a self sufficient gymnacium for men and women separately, with arrangements weight management and muscle toning. Contact...

College & Administrator

College Sports Carnival “TAMPONADE”

Campus Sports Competition is an annual event where each batch year compete in a true spirit of sport. The events include team and track& field events. The event overall champion takes the “TAMPONADE RUBBER”.

The Medical Olympics-TIMS

The TAMILNADU INTER MEDICAL SPORTS has been the dream for every sporting graduate medical student organized by the Dr.MGR University and Directorate of Medical Education once in 2 years. All Medical Schools in the State of Tamilnadu take it on - a real exciting experience.

Our Sports Administration:

Sports Advisor: Dr.B.Suresh Sports Secretary: D.Vigneswaran & S.M.Rathinam

Sports Subsidies

The Campus Sports Committee provides subsidies for students taking part in College or University-based sporting activities. We have been able to meet up to sports-related costs depending upon how many people apply for the subsidy.

Our Sporting Spree

District Champions - ‘B’ League ‘2008(Hosted by TNCA-TDCA)
Runners-Up in District ICCricket Tournament 2009 (Hosted by TDCA)
Two of our students are members of the Tirunelveli District Team for the Inter-District League.


  • Runners-Up in District Inter-College Football Tournament-2007 (Hosted by TNAU,Killikulam); Semi-Finalists in TIMS-2008
  • Quarter-Finalists in SPANDAN-‘2007

Runners-Up in TIMS-2008
Table Tennis
Winners in TIMS-2008