Jean Marc Gaspard Itard
(1774 – 1838)

Jean Marc Gaspard Itard (1774 – 1838) a French physician, is regarded as the father of oto-rhyno-laryngology (Otolaryngology). He described the first case of Tourette’s syndrome and invented Eustachian catheter (also known “Itard’s catheter”). Itard is noted for his work with deaf-mutes, and first to attempt education of mentally retarded children in a systematic fashion. He is famous for his work “Wild boy of Aveyron,”.


Dr.S.Suresh Kumar MS DLO Professor & Head

Message of the Chair:

I am a proud successor to the seat held in esteem. I have been an alumni in the same department as a graduate student. The present department which is 45years young is a postgraduate department with all facilities for the training of ENT residents. Welcome!


Academic Program - Graduate
The broad goal of the teaching the graduate students Oto-rhino-laryngology is to help them acquire adequate knowledge and skills for optimally dealing with common disorders and emergencies and principles of rehabilitation of the impaired hearing.and common disorders and emergencies of the upper airway. At the end of the course, our student will be able to describe the basic pathophysiology of common ENT diseases and emergencies, adopt the rational use of commonly used drugs, keeping in mind their adverse reactions, suggest common Investigative procedures and their interpretation.

At the end of the course, our students will be able to examine and diagnose common ENT problems including the pre-malignant and malignant disorders of the head and neck, manage ENT problems at the first level of care and be able to refer whenever necessary assist / carry out minor surgical procedures like ear syringing, ear dressings, nasal packing etc, assist in certain procedures such as tracheostomy, endoscopies and removal of foreign bodies. The undergraduate training in ENT will provide an integrated approach towards other disciplines especially neurosciene, ophthalmology and general surgery.

Academic Program - Postgraduate

Our residents have a busy schedule and are trained with basic objectives that they should be able to

  • Recognize the importance and health needs of the community .
  • Practice in step with the principles of primary health care.
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic sciences relevant to ENT
  • Diagnose and manage majority of the conditions on the basis of clinical assessment, and appropriately selected and conducted investigations.
  • Plan and advise measures for the prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Demonstrate skills in documentation.
  • Demonstrate empathy and humane approach
  • Exhibit interpersonal behaviour in accordance with the societal norms.
  • Implement national health programmes.
  • Exhibit managerial skills, self-directed learning, recognize continuing education needs;
  • Demonstrate competence in basic concepts of research methodology.
  • Develop skills in using educational methods and techniques
  • Function as an effective leader.


Dr. S.S.David19681972
Dr. A.Viswanathan19721977
Dr. S.Kailasam19781984
Dr. S.Ramachandran19841997
Dr. B.R.Rathnakumar19971998
Dr. K.R.V.S.Subramanian19981999
Dr. B.R.Rathnakumar19992002
Dr. S.Ammamuthu20022005
Dr. I Arumugam20052006
Dr. S.Suresh Kumar2006


OP Attendance39544406954223243512
IP Admissions1021121311121206
Surgeries – Major599652691739
Surgeries - Minor568616605633
Nasal & PNS25283033


E.N.T. 6 Months
General Surgery 1 Month
Anaesthesia1 Month
Plastic Surgery 1 Month
Cardio Thoracic Surgery1 Month
Neuro Surgery 1 Month
Oral * Facio Maxillary Surgery 1 Month
 Total  12 Months
Audiology and Neurotology2 Months
Paediatric Otolaryngology 2 Months
Anaesthesia1 Month
Radiology and Radiotherapy 1 Month
ENT including upper aerodigestice tract endoscopy6 Months
Total  12 Months
ENT12 Months


Hospital Services
Hospital Services: The ENT department at TVMCH has a daily OPD service from 7.30am with the faculty and residents examining and treating on an average 100-120patients with specific ENT problems. The department has two treating indoor units with 30beds each and has a audiology and speech pathology unit attached. The department is fully equipped to handle external, middle and internal ear surgeries including cochlear surgeries. The department also has a operational endoscopy unit with laryngotracheal and sino-nasal endoscopy done on a regular basis. The department faces a big group of head and neck cancers which are operated or treated with chemotherapy of radiotherapy. The department is backed up by the radiation oncology and pain & palliative care units of the institute.

Special Clinics

  • Neuro Otology
  • Audiology
  • Speech Pathology
  • Headache

Research Projects

  • Correlative study of histomorphology and radiology of nasopharyngeal polyps
  • Clinico radiological profile of maxillary sinusitis
  • Role of intravenous paracetamol in pain management in ENT surgery
  • Study of clinical, radiological and pathological profile of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  • Epidemiological profile of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  • Audiology profile of hearing impairment in school going children
  • Profile of speech and hearing impairment in autistic and ADD children.
  • Profile of brain stem evoked potentials in old age deafness.