Reconstructive surgery techniques were being carried out in India by 800 BC. Sushruta, the father of Surgery made important contributions to the field of plastic and cataract surgery in 6th century BC. The medical works of both Sushruta and Charak originally in Sanskrit were translated into Arabic language during the Abbasid Caliphate in 750 AD. The Arabic translations made their way into Europe via intermediaries. In Italy the Branca family of Sicily and Gaspare Tagliacozzi (Bologna) became familiar with the techniques of Sushruta.


Head of the Chair
Dr.N.Veerasekar MS MCh
Professor & Head
It is a great feeling to head this department which has been at the hub of surgical diagnosis and management for more than 2.15 million patients in these 46years of its existence. The department with 8 Professors, 22consultants and 30residents is progressing rapidly in the last few years. We presently have full fledged laproscopic and endoscopic surgical units. We are proud TVMC ians.


Heads of Department

Prof. K.Radhakrishnan19851989
Prof. K .Kuppachari19891993
Prof. G.V.Vivekanandan19931994
Prof. M.Krishnamoorthy19941995
Prof. B.Sankarasubbu19951996
Prof. T.M.Porrnalingam19962011
Prof. S.Gnanasegaran20112013
Prof. N.Veerasekar2013


Academic Activities
The Department is involved in teaching graduate Medical students in the final year training in Surgery, with specific reference to burns management and basic plastic repair.The Department also trains the postgraduate residents in General Surgery and Orthopedics on the basics of Plastic Surgery, when they are rotated to this department as a part of their general training curriculum.


Hospital Services

Burns Intensive Care Unit: Ours is the only major Burns intensive care unit in the southern districts of Tamilnadu - Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi & Kanyakumari. The Burns Unit with 10beds is generally full all round the year due to a high incidence of fire accidents in these districts. The patients have acute phase management, with supportive psychological care, physiotherapy and plastic reconstruction services to manage the aftermath.

General Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: involves coverage of wounds with flaps and grafts, recreating missing parts on the face, hand, breast and genitalia with patient’s own tissue so that the person feels and looks normal. Resurfacing and reconstruction following skin cancers and head and neck tumour excision and surgery for filarial lymphoedema are also performed.

Pediatric Plastic Surgery: Repair of birth anomalies like cleft lip & palate, other facial, ear or nose anomalies, congenital tumours of blood vessels, hand anomalies, anomalies of genitalia and deformities due to injuries and burns.

Cleft Palate & Craniofacial Services: The Department as a routinue has a cleft lip and palate and craniofacial anomalies repair program. Our centre has provided completely free surgical treatment for all these children since inception. This center strives to provide holistic care for cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies with speech therapy support.

Microsurgery: Surgery done under microscopic magnification on tiny vessels and nerves so as to help rejoin injured parts or transfer tissue from one part of the body to another. Replantation and revascularisation is done to join amputated limbs, finger & penis. Free tissue transfer is done to reconstruct bone, muscle and soft tissue loss. Micro neural repair is used to repair cut nerves of the limbs, facial nerve, brachial plexus injuries. Reversal of tubectomy and vasectomy is done to help people to have children again after sterilization. In certain types of paralysis of limbs and face, micro vascular transfer of healthy muscle from elsewhere restores function and reduces the disability.

Hand Surgery:Management of hand injuries ranging from fracture of hand bones, loss of skin, cut tendons and nerves, reimplantation (reattachment) of amputated digits, reconstruction of thumb, tendon transfer, correction of old deformities of hand caused by injuries, burns, infection, rheumatoid arthritis and paralysis.

Cosmetic Surgery: Patients who are normal but seeking to improve their cosmetic appearance are helped with various surgeries like Rhinoplasty for correcting the deformed nose, Mamoplasties to increase or decrease the size of breast, Abdominoplasty to correct the flabby abdomen, Liposuction to contour the body and make it shapely in areas, Face lifts for people with excessive facial wrinkles, Dermabrasion to improve post acne and other scar on face and Scar revision and mole excisions.

Maxillofacial Surgery: Surgery dealing with fractures of facial bone and deformities following trauma, infection, tumour and congenital anomalies is also available.

Burns:This sub-specialty deals with supervision of management of acute burns by giving technical and professional help. Reconstruction of patients with post burn deformities, contractures, hypertrophic scars, keloid etc. is done in this unit.

The Department of provides out patient and Indoor services in a variety of these surgical procedures and treatment. The department has done so far more than 15000 rare & difficult surgeries for our patients from the southern districts of Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Thoothukudi in a spectrum of specialized services including Microsurgery, Cleft and Cranio-facial Surgery, Hand Surgery, Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Reconstruction surgeries for cancers, Reconstruction procedures for male(hypospadia) and female(vaginal atresias)external genitalia, Paediatric Plastic Surgery, Vascular Malformations, Oculoplastic Surgery, Micro lymphatic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Burns and Burns Reconstruction, Orthognathic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Osteo-integrated Implants, Ear Reconstruction, Reconstructive procedures for post raumatic limb defects & Reconstructive surgeries for pressure sores.

GENERAL STATISTICS 200720082009201020112012
OP Attendance124515891282118712051157
IP Admissions198203275163201198
Surgeries – Major179199257163202203
Surgeries - Minor716881475246

DISEASE  STATISTICS 200720082009201020112012
Congenital Deformities
Cleft lip242679194650
Cleft  Palate232064193942
Other  facial clefts121111
Tongue  tie112111
Ear lobule deformity212113
Preauricular sinus211211
Vaginal atresia2-112-
Raw area inc Ulcers555856484346
Tendon Injury1513101187
Nerve injuries436344
Fingert  injuries121513111511
Contractures (Burns& Trauma)515648475143
Warts & moles121924152123
Nasal defects325454
TM Ankylosis--11--
Post Vasectomy-111-1
Mandibular  Hypoplasia111-11
Bone grafting111223
Cancrum Oris1--11-