Abraham Jacobi (1830–1919)

Abraham Jacobi (1830–1919) is known as the father of pediatrics because of his many contributions to the field. He was born in Germany, where he received his medical training, but later practiced in New York City. The first printed book on pediatrics was in Italian (1472) – Bagallarder's Little Book on Disease in Children. Rhazes (865–925) in Persia wrote The Diseases of Children, the first book to deal with pediatrics as an independent field of medicine.



Dr.C.Krishnamurthy MD (Paed)
Professor & Head of the Department

I feel humbled at ascending the chair in this Department of Paediatrics succeeding Prof.Dr.S.Devikala. This department is the nodal center for neonatal care for the entire south Tamilnadu beyond Madurai. We have a busy neonatal care unit with more than 30 neonates under our care in a day. With 14 faculty members this department is presently hosting a vibrant graduate and postgraduate resident training program. We wish to enhance our services in the coming years


The Department has a well organized Graduate Program with clinical clerkship postings during the 4th, 6th, 7th & 8th semesters. The Graduate Program includes basic training in clinical methods, advanced training in Neonatology, Pediatric Emergencies, Immunization and Integration Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness Training. The interns are exposed to Pediatric Wards, OPD services Intensive Care in the PICU and NICU and Newborn resuscitation areas of the hospital. The Special Pediatric Emergency Training Program for interns includes Management of Shock, Respiratory Distress, and Unconscious Child Management and other emergencies. A Graduate Medal Exam is conducted every year and is awarded the Dr. Krishnakumari Memorial Gold Medal in Pediatrics.

The Post Graduate Residency program is spread over three years of training in all areas of pediatric medicine and intensive care units. Our residents are accorded the best space in training in Emergency Care, Ventilator Support, Exchange Transfusion, Dialysis etc. The Residency Program includes a series of predetermined symposia, seminar, Journal Clubs, Lecture Sessions, Case discussion, Perinatal Audit and General Audit Meets. An interesting cases forum is conducted every 2 months where all pediatricians in the city of Tirunelveli attend.

The Department conducts regular training programs for GPs’ & Nursing Personnel in the District - Intensive Neonatal Care Training, Special Birth Attendant Training, IMNCI, Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Neonatal Care Training .


Gen Pediatric OPD9933299918117844116961117217126398128804107349115173
Indoor  Admissions466450464938533254695658925192449075
Sick Neonatal Admissions206622311701226920862094334828203520
Well Baby Clinic261625782169275630302233328434232956
Pediatric Neurology257625042463366536083331352636283031
Pediatric Nephrology126810161291158918511124139616261522
Pediatric Cardiology133013301230125412541351134014841630
School Health Clinic7111186112112129214264192
Child Guidance136133129143239241378396481
Adolescence Guidance  138120112179166177184173170

Spot Light

The Department has an ongoing research program on

  1. Study of Neonatal sepsis
  2. IUGR Evaluation
  3. Management of Shock in PICU,
  4. Management of Snake Bite in Child
  5. Management of Scorpion Sting
  6. Management of Dengue Fever
  7. Adolescent Body Image Evaluation
  8. Evaluation of Infant Health in Diabetic Mothers

Beyond the General Pediatric & Neonatology services the department also runs Special Clinics -

  1. Pediatric Nephrology
  2. Pediatric Neurology
  3. Pediatric Cardiology
  4. Adolescent Guidance Clinic
  5. Child Guidance Clinics


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