The Prospecting Parent

TVMC, is a government run premier medical institution in South India. The college is under affiliation to the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, State of Tamilnadu, India and is wholly owned and administered by the Directorate of Medical Education of the Government of the State of Tamil Nadu. The Institute is a medical teaching institution recognized by the Medical Council of India, New Delhi, India and is in the list of Medical Teaching Institutes of the World Health Organisation. TVMC is proud of a worldwide alumni referred to by the name Nellai-Medico. The college enshrines the moto – Duty, Dignity and Discipline and is school for 1825 graduate, postgraduate and paramedical students from around the country in various faculties. The College offers Graduate Medical Education (MBBS) with 150 seats offered under the regulations of the Government of State of Tamilnadu. There are 162 resident positions in 16 departments offering MD/MS and DM programs. Five MCh courses are in the offing in the coming academic session. TVMC also offers 425 paramedical seats in 9 trades of medical services and 140 nursing seats. The Institute have a tradition of a tough faculty with innovative teaching and driving skills, and a tradition of producing some of the best names in medical care in the present generation.

We Care

We at TVMC have a system that absorbs students and gets them to the job of academic work and its rigors within the end of the first week of the training.Take the Fresh Wind: It is a challenge to leave the warmth and security of the family and go to college. But it is inevitable, students must leave, or give up, and accommodate to a new group. It may be stressful to analyze new social norms, new behaviors, a new identity and a new group affiliation. The Fresher at TVMC is welcome through a Student Mentoring – Fresh Wind Program. The Student Mentor is an intern selected and trained by the administration, with all inputs required to talk to and counsel the fresher. Take the Early Ladder: The professional course period of 5years and more offers an assortment of opportunities for advancement as well as distractions. You have potential friends, parties, courses, things to do and places to go. Not knowing what direction is best and not wanting to miss out on anything, students often get included in everything. This is double edged. You may at times land on mine fields. But here again, choices shall not be hasty. The Fresher at TVMC is gets into the second phase of the Student Mentoring – Early Ladder Program. The Student Mentor is specially trained to give you all needed inputs on the course content of the various years of MBBS, its various career options and post MBBS professional needs and options.Advising

As anywhere else our students to often doubt their ability to handle their course work and are bothered by new and unexpected events, that could precipitating a downward spiral. We Care. The student advising gives you the right help at the right time to prevent problems from snowballing.

We advice our students to the Seven “S”

  • Survey: Explore new interests, discover the campus facilities, and meet the faculty. These experiences contribute to college life, and help getting the best education, the student’s foremost purpose.
  • Scrutinize: Before committing to any one group, take time to know them, investigate their activities and what makes them feel most comfortable. Affiliations change you. So be careful – the first year as students is what makes you confident.
  • Specify: No one can do everything. Narrow down your focus to academics and some useful activity that is permitted within the campus. Do not get involved in too many things at a time. You will loose your way. Finding a passion is one of the most exciting aspects of the college experience. Do it with care.
  • Seek: Students who take responsibility for their education by seeking out faculty help will personalize college and help the them feel connected and at home. Do not be vary to take faculty advice.
  • Sustain: Take time, be patient and try to understand the new life and develop a personal learning/reading style. After the first year it becomes easier to understand the flow of work and to accommodate with different teachers,  standards and course requirements.
  • Synthesize: Assess the reality during the first year. Disappointment or surprises are not unusual and require fine tuning, such as adjusting your routine, method of study, change involvement in activities. Get guidance and explore further options.
  • Subsidize: Ignore your problems, Break the challenges into smaller events and manage them.
  • All this bring out the last S –  Success

Know Your Child

I . Trust that you have done a great job raising your children with values and skills you have instilled in them and those values instilled will continue to serve them as they enter adulthood.
II . Be available to visit your child, when ever possible. But if not so spend a little time each day to support them from your home or office through phone calls, texting/SMS, E-mail, Video calls or letters. You will be surprised to know how well they manage their lives in their own styles, using your solid foundation.
III. Rewind to the days when you too were an eighteen-year-old and think back on the fun and joy you had when you did something new on your own for the first time. Mistakes will be made and they are the best teachers for the young adults. Your child’s life unfolds before them each day in different dimensions and colour. It can be very exciting and a times terrifying. Your support and reassurance is that can help them achieve their goals. Forgive their mistakes, help them make decisions, allow them to enjoy their success. Support them in failure, encourage them to make a new attempt, advice them of different methods, allow them to feel sorry.
IV. Lastly, what goals have you always wanted to achieve and how can you start writing the next chapters in your own life? This is a time of new beginnings for everyone so take advantage of the extra time you may find yourself with your child not at home. An empty home is to start or restart your own career, travel or find a new hobby. After all, why should your child have all the fun? Make your own life and allow your child to make one for him/herself. Thank You for your good parenting. We enjoy teaching them.