Curriculum Committee

Dr. C.Revathy MD, Vice Principal
Dr. K.Shantaraman MD
Dr.  M.Saradha MD
Dr. R.Amutharani MD
Dr. N.Manikandan MS
Dr. Alex Arthur Edwards MS
Dr. JM Ravichandran Edwin MD DM
Dr. K.Krishnamurthy MD


The Paramedical Programs are of three variants – Certificate Courses (1 year duration), Diploma Courses (2 years duration) and Bachelors Degree Courses (4 year courses).  The training involves learning experience ‘derived from’ or ‘targeted to’ the needs of the community and expose the students to hospital based and community based technical activities

GOALS & OBJECTIVES: Our Paramedical program aims to produce competent technologists,

  • shall recognize the technical needs of the hospital and the community, and carry out professional obligations ethically and in keeping with the objectives of the national health policy.
  • shall master the skills, pertaining to the medical / surgical / laboratory technology  that are required to assist medical services at all levels of the health care delivery system.
  • shall be aware of the contemporary advance and developments in the technology discipline concerned
  • shall demonstrate skills in documentation of individual case details relevant to the assigned situation.
  • shall demonstrate empathy and humane approach towards patients and their families and exhibit interpersonal behaviour in accordance with the societal norms and expectations.
  • shall play the assigned role in the implementation of national health programme, effectively and responsibly.
  • shall develop skills as a self-directed learner, recognize continuing education needs; select and use appropriate learning resources.
  • Demonstrate competence in basic concepts of computer use and epidemiology, and be able to critically analyze relevant literature.

The major components of the Postgraduate curriculum shall be :
Theoretical knowledge
Practical and clinical skills
Attitudes including communication skills.
Training in computers.


Name of CourseNumber of Seats
BSc Medical Laboratory Technology20
BSc Cardiac Perfusion Technology20
BSc Cardiac Care Technology20
BSc Accident & Emergency Care Technology20
BSc Dialysis Technology20
BSc Physician Assistantship20
BSc Critical Care Technology20
BSc Anesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology20
BSc Respiratory Care Technology20
BSc Radiodiagnosis Technology20
Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology100
Diploma Radiodiagnosis Technology25
Diploma RadiotherapyTechnology25
Certificate Course in Anaesthesia Technology
Certificate Course in OT Technology
Certificate Course in Dialysis Technology
Certificate Course in Respiratory Care Technology
Certificate Course in Acute Care Technology
Certificate Course in Orthopedics Technology
Certificate Course in Echo / TMT Technology
Certificate Course in Community Home Care