Sushruta in the Sushruta Samhita (800 BC) describes 76 ocular diseases including 51 surgical procedures. His


description of cataract surgery was more akin to extracapsular lens extraction.
Albrecht von Graefe (1828–1870) (Germany) with Helmholtz and Donders, are named the 'founding fathers' of ophthalmology. A brilliant clinician and charismatic teacher who had an international influence on the development of ophthalmology. A pioneer in mapping visual field defects and diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Introduced a cataract extraction technique that remained the standard for over 100 years. Rationalised the use of mydriatics & miotics. He was the founder of the German Ophthalmological Society(1857)


Dr.M.Ramalakshmi MS DO
Professor & Head of the Department
The department of Ophthalmology has been operational since 1967 under a long tradition of doyen in ophthalmic surgery at the helm. We have been enduring change and innovating on our services. We are now a postgraduate department. Welcome

Spot Light
Dr. Sukanya, postgraduate resident of the year 2011 has been awarded the University Gold Medal for Ophthalmology. Dr. Hari Rama Subramanian bagged the Best Paper Award at the TNOA conference;2011. A report of a Rare presentation of Golden hair syndrome with Turners Syndrome

Succession List 

P.Sivarama subramanian19741977
A.Meenakshi sundaram20032012
S.Yogeswari2014Till Date


Academic – Postgraduate
The Residency Program at the Department has a curriculum of regular lectures, workshops and symposia every month. The teaching programme in addition has demonstrations, tutorials, specialty OPD demonstrations, clinical discussion and model examinations. The teaching faculty and senior residents constantly update their knowledge by attending CME programs and conferences. Our residents present papers and posters in annual Conferences. The day of a resident includes Case presentation – Daily, Lectures – Daily, Journal Clubs – weekly, Seminars – Fortnightly, Subject Review – Weekly, Clinical pathological Review – Monthly and Guest Lectures – Monthly. The department has a library which is well equipped with current books, periodicals, audiovisual aids, and computer with internet facilities.

Academic Program
The department welcomes 150 graduate students and 3 residents every summer. We specialize in teaching core of ophthalmology through a series of 20 Dictatic Lectures,15 Symposia, 5 seminars every season. The department also has CME program, vertical and horizontal integration classes and bed side participation. Clinical postings include OPD demonstration, case discussion, bed side clinics, and OT postings, CMEs, OSCE classes, and logbook reviews.

Research Projects

  • Study of etiology of papilloedema in TVMCH.
  • Study of the clinical presentations of Benign intracranial hypertension.
  • Study of the microbiological profile of chronic dacrocystitis.
  • Study of Ophthalmological lesions in AIDS
  • Study of Ophthalmic Lesions in Road Traffic Accidents and The management
  • Study of Presentations and Management of Angle Closure Glaucoma
  • Study of Retinal Changes in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Study of the Ocular Changes in Essential Hypertension


Hospital Services:
The Department of Ophthalmology, provides outpatient services between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm on all days except Sundays. The department also runs specialty clinics are conducted between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm in the following subspecialties:

  • Orbit, Oculoplasty & Uvea Clinic – Mondays
  • Cornea Clinic – Tuesdays
  • Neuro-ophthalmology Clinic – Wednesdays
  • Retina Clinic for H.T – Thursdays
  • Glaucoma Clinic – Friday,
  • Retina Clinic for Diabetics & HIV patients – Saturdays.

Outpatient Department consists of male and female OPD’s with slit lamps, refraction room with Auto-refractometers and steak retinoscopes, glaucoma clinic with NCT (Non Contact Tonometer), Octopus automated perimeter and Zeiss YAG laser unit, Retina clinic with indirect ophthalmoscope with B-scan Ultrasonogram and IOL clinic with A-scan Biometry. The Department has a inpatient department with 40beds. The There is a state of Art Twin Operation Theatre with Operating Microscope and Phaco-Emulsification for Cataract, Glaucoma, and Corneal surgeries. Round the clock emergency eye care services are provided. The department is involved in a community out reach program under the National Blindness Control Program. The department faculty conduct regular cataract screening camps across the entire Tirunelveli district and the patients screened are offered free cataract surgery at the hospital.

The department has an EYE BANK with facilities for corneal harvest and transplantation.


Major Surgeries612101982597610831172
Minor Surgeries98111972177209826963129