Viennese scientists were the first to systematically study the effects of radiation on both skin tumours and non-malignant conditions such as tuberculosis and lupus. And in 1900 in Stockholm, a patient with skin cancer was cured by Thor Stenbeck, using small doses given each day. This technique would later be called fractionated radiotherapy. In 1903, the first case of cancer of the cervix cured by X-rays was reported by Cleaves.








Department Head

Dr.C.Thanukrishnan MD RT, Professor & HOD

Statistics of the Department

Academic Program

Post Graduate Residents in Surgery and OBG are given basic courses in the following areas

  • Methodical Clinical case diagnosis
  • Precision RT planning & execution
  • Chemotherapy administration
  • Cancer Cell Biology & Radiobiology
  • Radiotherapy Physics
  • Radiotherapy safety procedures
  • Research & Clinical trial methodology

Hospital Services

The Department has a fully computerized treatment system for external irradiation, with Tele-Cobalt Unit and a Oncoplan System. The department is a certified radiation oncology unit with plans for major upgrades. The department receives in the OPD a wide variety of common malignancies like Breast, Cervix, Head & Neck, Lymphoma, GIT, Bladder, and Prostate to some of the rarest forms of malignancies.