Dr.M.Ravichandran MD


I am happy to inform and share with you all that 2018-2019 has been one of the most productive years in the campus. We have seen major improvements in our services, infrastructural facilities and academic numbers. I thank my team of senior faculty members who worked very hard in every opportunity to make TVMC a larger and visible campus in the national atlas. TVMC celebrated its golden jubilee in 2015 and is moving towards its 60th year to be celebrated in 2025. This campus started with just 75 MBBS admissions in 1965 and has grown steadily and presently has 3250 student foot falls in a day, with more than 1200 staffs. Being one of the largest campuses in the state, we stand the advantage of make larger progress in future. I am proud of my students and I know that they will lead India in the next decade. Our motto will be “For TVMC success is a tradition”.



Dr. K.Shantaraman MD
Vice Principal, Coordinator (Research) &
Nodal Officer – MRU & MRHRU





Office of Dean,
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National Medical Council of India Documents

  1. Details of Dean,

      • Name                                         Dr.M.Ravichandran MD
      • Qualification                            MBBS [1980-86] MD(GenMedicine) [1991-94]
      • Experience:
        • Senior Resident                      Tirunelveli Medical College [3 YEARS]
        • Assistant Professor                Tirunelveli Medical College [5 YEARS]
        • Associate Professor               Tirunelveli Medical College [4 YEARS]
        • Professor                                 Tirunelveli Medical College [12YRS]
        • Dean                                         Tirunelveli Medical College [till date)
        • Present Designation              Dean, Tirunelveli Medical College   07.11.2019 Onwards
  1. Departments & Faculty in the Departments – Read (MCI/02/2020 dated 01.04.2020)
  2. Medical Education: Sanctioned Intake, Status of Recognition and List of Admitted Students in Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate CoursesRead (MCI/04/2020 dated 01.04.2020)
  3. CME and Conferences Read (MCI/05/2020 dated 01.04.2020)
  4. Publications (as given under the various faculty departments)
  5. Awards and Achievements (as given under the various faculty departments)
  6. Central Medical Library (as given under the webpage)
  7. Curriculum Implementation Committee and Medical Education Department  Read (MCI/06/2020 dated 01.04.2020)
  8. Hostels & Residential Quarters
  9. Anti Ragging CommitteeRead ((MCI/08/2020 dated 01.04.2020)
  10. Institutional Ethics Committee
  11. National Medical Council CBME Implementation Documents
    1. A_CISP_Handbook_TVMC_2020_2021
    2. B_Foundation_Course_TVMC_2020_2021
    3. C_Curricular_Timelines_TVMC_2020_2021
    4. D_I_MBBS_Time_Table_TVMC_2020_2021
    5. E_I_MBBS_Alignment_Plan_TVMC_2020_2021
    6. F_I_MBBS_Assessment_Plan_TVMC_2020_2021
    7. G_II_MBBS_Time_Table_TVMC_2020_2021
    8. H_II_MBBS_Alignment_Plan_TVMC_2020_2021
    9. I_II_MBBS_Lesson_Plan_Pathology_TVMC_2020_2021
  12. Gender Harassment Committee

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