Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus

The Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus (also Kahun Papyrus, Kahun Medical Papyrus, or UC 32057) is the oldest known medical text of any kind dated to about 1800 BCE, it deals with women's health—gynaecological diseases, fertility, pregnancy, contraception, etc. It was found at El-Lahun by Flinders Petrie in 1889 and first translated by F. Ll. Griffith in 1893 and published in The Petrie Papyri: Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob. The later Berlin Papyrus and the Ramesseum Papyrus IV cover much of the same ground, often giving identical prescriptions. The text is divided into thirty-four sections, each section dealing with a specific problem and containing diagnosis and treatment; no prognosis is suggested. Treatments are non-surgical, comprising applying medicines to the affected body part or swallowing them. The womb is at times seen as the source of complaints manifesting themselves in other body parts.


Dr. S. Ramalakshmi MD DGO
Head and Professor of OBS & Gynaecology

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, started in 1968 with 75 graduate students a year, now has 150 students a year. The department was upgraded as a Postgraduate Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology in 1996. Presently we take 3 residents a year. We have 4 units of gynaecology and obstetrics each with one dedicated unit for postpartum services. In achieving the goal of a “Complete Clinical Experience” to our patients our faculty engage in emergency management of patients, in teaching and research. I am also proud of our team of rapid responders.

List of Succession

Succession of Heads of Department
Dr. Logambal MD DGO19701971
Dr. Nalini MD DGO19711972
Dr. Ammani MD DGO19721973
Dr. F.S.Phillips MD DGO19731974
Dr. Rajam Authilingom FRCOG19741975
Dr. S.Ananthalakshmi MD DGO19751977
Dr. R.Vijaya MD DGO19771978
Dr. P.N.Kanthamani MD DGO19781979
Dr. Pramila MD DGO19791982
Dr. S.Ananthalakshmi MD DGO19821987
Dr. Gandhimathi Sakthivel MD DGO19871988
Dr. R.Seethalakshmi MD DGO19881994
Dr. S.Jeyalakshmi MD DGO19942002
Dr. M.Madhavi MD DGO2002
Dr. S.Saraswathy MD DGO20032006
Dr. Ramola Janet Diana MD DGO20062011
Dr. S. Meena MD DGO MNAMS2011Till Date


Our U.G. students are rotated in the department for a period of 14 months during the clinical training years. A well formulated teaching program imparts them with a basic approach to diagnosis and management of gynaecological disorders. At the end of the training the student shall be capable to appreciate the socio-cultural, economic and demographic factors that Influence the practice of obstetrics and gynecology., appreciate the principles of reproductive anatomy and physiology, understand the preconception, antenatal, intra-natal and postnatal factors including drugs that affect the mother and foetus, recognize the changes and adaptation that occur in the mother during pregnancy, labour and puerperium, impart antenatal care, detect deviations from normal pregnancy and refer risk cases appropriately, manage normal labour, recognize the factors that may lead to complications and refer such cases appropriately, institute primary treatment in obstetrics and gynaecological emergencies, resuscitate and take adequate care of the newborn. The student shall understand to assist couples with infertility and those requiring contraception, know the etiopathology and management of menstrual abnormalities, know about the benign and malignant tumours of the genital tract and appreciate the need for screening and prevention. Obstetrical and gynaecological conditions – like normal labour pain, abnormal labour, obstructed labour, spontaneous abortion, bleeding PV in pregnancy, other acute pelvic conditions like torsion, rupture, bleeding, etc. recognize the importance of infections and other diseases of the genital tract and give appropriate treatment, know about the displacements of genital tract and injuries, understand the implications of medicolegal and ethical issues concerning the specialty, acquire communication, decision making and managerial skills, acquire skills to perform obstetrical and gynaecological examinations and certain minor investigations and therapeutic operative procedures

Our residents are taken with the objective that the resident must have three basic components; knowledge, clinical skills and attitude in order to be enthusiastic and well motivated efficient future consultants. The most important objectives of training program includes all facets of the care of woman - Recognize the importance of the specialty in the context of the health needs of the community, Practice the specialty concerned ethically, Demonstrate sufficient understanding of the basic science, Demonstrate skills in documentation of prevention of individual case details as well as morbidity and mortality data relevant to the assigned situation, Demonstrate empathy and humane approach towards patients and their families, Develop skills as a self – directed learned, recognize continuing educational needs; select and use appropriate learning resources, Organize and supervise the chosen/assigned health care services demonstrating adequate managerial skills in the clinic/hospital or the field situation. The residency training schedules in our department is considered one of the toughest well marked schedules. On any given day our residents start OP at 7.30 am going on to 12 Noon with case discussions & management of Antenatal and Gynaec patients in the respective units. On non OP days the routine includes Ward rounds & bed side discussion in the respective units. The department also has Clinical case discussions once in a week, Lecture classes once in a week.
Journal Club: Once a month as a joint session of all residents and faculty members to discuss journal references.
Department Conference: Once a week held on Thursdays, where interesting cases are presented from every unit with current literature by Postgraduates and is discussed by the faculty of the department.
Grand Rounds: This is the best session of the Department where all professors make a joint discussion of interesting therapeutic dilemma for the benefit of the residents.
CME: A regular session of invited guest lectures, demo sessions are conducted in the department.
Radiology & Pathology Meet: A monthly meet of Pathologists and Radiologist meet to discuss interesting films and relevant clinical data.
Internal Assessment: Every month the Residents take clinical and theoretical assessments with feedback.


  • Study of Role of Group B streptococci in preterm Labour.
  • Programmed labour - its Maternal and fetal outcome
  • A comparative study of diagnostic hysteroscopy in DUB and its histo-pathological correlation
  • Maternal and Neonatal outcome in eclampsia.
  • Colposcopy Vs Cervical biopsy in the Diagnosis of Carcinoma cervix.
  • Primary Cesarean section in multigravidae with good obstetric history
  • Labetalol Vs Aldomet in the control of PIH
  • Intrapartum Amnio infusion for meconium stained liquor & perinatal outcome
  • Comparison of pap smear and colposcopy in evaluation of cervix at risk
  • Predicting perinatal outcome in PIH & IUGR using Doppler
  • Admission test in predicting fetal outcome
  • Comparative study of efficacy & safety of oral mifepristone & intra cervical gel PGE2 as cervical ripening agent in parturition
  • Role of group B streptococci in PPROM & fetal outcome


TVMC Medical Center, is Level III CEmONC Obstetric Emergency Center in North South Corridor of the Indian National Highways system. We provide emergency treatment to pregnant women of the Tirunelveli District who need critical and acute interventions. The patients reach us through a designated 108 rapid responder system. The facility is open 24x7 ready to respond to the most complicated of pregnancies. We have a 20 bed Intensive Obstetric Care and Labor Care Unit and a 2 bed Intensive resuscitation Unit. The Intensive units have multisystem I.C program and a dedicated team.

Gynaecology OPD
The Department runs daily outpatient clinics for gynaecological patients. Emergency care is available all 24x7. The OP services include - Pap smear for screening of the genital tract cancer, Endometrial aspiration cytology for screening for uterine cancer, Gynecologic examination, Colposcopy & Counseling.

Infertility Clinic
Patients referred to this clinic can attend it on any day other than Sunday. The clinic services include Ovulation study, Cervical mucus study, Postcoital test, Sperm analysis and Intrauterine insemination & endocrine assessment.
Obstetric Antenatal Clinic
Antenatal care includes continuous monitoring of the patients till parturition with complete blood analysis, immune profiling, ultrasound evaluation for birth defects, birth canal defects .
Family Planning Outpatient Clinic
The services include counseling for contraception, Family planning methods like sterilization, intrauterine device insertion, condoms, combination contraceptive pills and Depot injections. Follow-up examination and care for users of contraceptive methods is done with support of Medical termination of pregnancy in patients with missed contraception.
Postnatal Outpatient Clinic
The Services in this clinic include counseling for contraception, postpartum care, colposcopic evaluation for birth canal repairs and general restitution of health of the mother.

Antenatal Services

Department Stats

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Out Patient 28883 32107 32175 35683 58883 62107 66829 79869 82794
Indoor 13754 18424 24721 29129 13754 18424 28528 23188 27613
Special OP 5754 6237 7119 7539 5754 6237 7113 7271 71933
Deliveries 5701 5716 5743 5834 5701 6216 6665 6613 7295
Surgeries 4752 4728 5013 5401 4752 4921 7601 7380 8148

Our antenatal includes - High Risk Obstetrics, 24 hours availability of obstetricians, Dedicated Birthing Rooms with attached Operating Room, Fetal Doppler, ICU facility and Blood Bank facility, Ultrasound facility, Electronic fetal monitoring, Facility for painless labour and 24 hours services of neonatologist and a state of art Neonatal ICU
Post-natal Services
The postnatal care includes postpartum counseling, child craft advice, breast care, wound care and colposcopic birth canal evaluation.
Gynaecology Services
Our services spread over 8 wards, include all types of gynaecological surgeries (both laproscopic and open), with colposcopic and hysteroscopic evaluation, cancer prevention and diagnosis with surgery and further management.