Service Priority


Call 108
For casualty advice call: 2572611-14 (4 Lines)
Location: Ground Floor, Main Hospital Building, easily accessible from South Highground Road.

  • Casualty OP Service
  • Available 24 hour
  • Anyone can seek consultation/treatment
  • Services are free
  • Doctors decide what you need
  • Register at the casualty registration
  • The Team of Doctors - Casualty Medical Officers, Senior Residents and Interns with Nurses and Paramedics are ready.


Consultants from major specialties - General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics and Residents, Interns, Nurses, Paramedics and Basic Servants are there to provide urgent medical services. The patient is examined and the major service required is decided and the patient is triaged to the respective intensive care unit or ward as decided. The team endeavor to respond and provide medical care at the earliest possible time. However, those patients who require critical intervention are treated first. The treating doctors calls any specialist/super-specialist, for urgent consultation as required.

The most critical patient
The Patient over paper work
The Emergency Treatment over Medico-Legal requirements.

Fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatres, Cardiac Monitors, Ventilators, Nebulisers, Defibrillators, Central O2 and suction supply, 24hour Blood Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology, Blood Gas Analysis, ECG, USG, X-ray, C.T. Scan, MRI are available for casualty patients. All treatments - medicines and surgical interventions are provided free of cost. Facilities like Wheel Chairs & patient trolleys are available at the entrance of casualty. Free telephone, public utilities and waiting area are available.



The Care
Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital has dedicated and active intensive care services that is the life line for a 2.7million population around.

  • Neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU)
  • Special Care Nursery (SCN)
  • Pediatric intensive-care unit (PICU)
  • Intensive Coronary care unit (ICCU)
  • Cardiac Surgery intensive-care (CSICU)
  • Intensive Medical Care unit (IMCU)
  • Toxicology intensive Care unit (TIMCU)
  • Surgical intensive-care unit (SICU)
  • Post OP intensive recovery (POIR)
  • Head Injury intensive-care unit (HIICU)
  • Burn wound intensive-care unit (BWICU)
  • Trauma Intensive care Unit (TICU)
  • Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

The Facility
The IC units in TVMC are equipped with mechanical ventilators, to assist breathing through an endotracheal tube or a tracheotomy; cardiac monitors including external pacemakers; defibrillators; dialysis; pulse oximeters, ABG, drip rate monitors, infusion pumps, injection syringe pumps, suction pumps, central oxygen, air and suctions, and a wide array of drugs to treat .
The Quality Policy
The IC Units at TVMC offer quality care for our patients. Once the patient arrives, our consultants assess the severity of illnesses, disease variables, and characteristics and pursue a protocol intervention, associated with lower ICU mortality rates compared to the best private units in our district. A ratio of 2 patients to 1 nurse is adopted. For High-Dependency patients requiring closer monitoring, interns offer a bed side care on a 1:1 basis.
The Service
The entire acute care service is provided free of cost. In contrast to the costs of similar care elsewhere at INR 5000.00 to 10,000 per day.

Service Ancillary


Patients are admitted in the General Ward of TVMC free of cost for 90% of our patients. Rest of the patients pay a nominal bed charge as per the rates approved by Government of Tamilnadu. The indoor patient are entitled to similar treatment irrespective of the paying status.
The Care: The patients are provided, medical consultations, all needed lab and radiology investigations, all medicines and surgical items, diet, linen, emergency interventions, trolley and wheel chair services free of cost. Patients are not charged additionally for specific investigations, procedures or operations. All in-patients receive the same treatment by team of Resident Doctors, Interns, Nurses, Nursing Sisters round the clock, under the supervision and guidance of the Faculty Members of TVMC. Our hospital attendants provide help in patient care and related activities. All the wards are fully equipped to provide quality medical care. Indoor services include portable X-ray, ECG services, CT scan, MRI, Full Range Lab Studies, and other paraclinical services. The wards have Generator back up, emergency lights, internal telephone. Waste disposal is done as per the established rules and utmost care is taken to keep the premises neat and clean. Special Investigations like CT and MRI are changed as per the rates approved by Government and revised from time to time. For very poor patients, on recommendation of treating Doctor, the Medical Superintendent shall waive the fees. Financial assistance is also available through Chief Minister's Relief Fund, and other such funds. You may contact Medical Superintendents Office in this regard.

The Facility:
Operation Theatres: The institute has fully equipped modern Operation Theatres, where all kinds of major and minor surgeries are performed using the latest techniques and technology. For routine surgeries, the respective departments maintain waiting list. Patients are called and operated upon as per the waiting list. But, in case of emergencies/urgencies, the out of turn surgeries are also performed, at the discretion at the treating doctors. The patient should get his Pre-Anaesthetic check up done in PAC Room on 2th floor Main Block during morning before getting admitted for operation and follow the instructions given by the treating Doctors.
ICU: The hospital has fully equipped Main ICU in the ground floor,
Laboratory Services: Emergency Lab - 24 hours, throughout the year, for all emergency investigations.
Routine Lab - Sample Collection Timings 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. All type of routine and special investigations incl. Biochemical, microbiological, pathology, immunology studies are done.
Blood Bank: TVMC has a licensed modern, state of the art Blood Bank that functions 24 hours and provides facilities for blood donation, storage, issue of blood and its components. Strict precautions are taken and testing is done to prevent any borne infection. Ambulance facility is available to transfer patients to other hospitals or meet any exigency/disaster situation.

Policy Advice


  1. The decision to admit a patient is the sole decision of the treating doctor.
  2. The decision to admit is based on the urgency of the patients disease or the specific need of the medical condition of the patient.
  3. Patient will be admitted only if a vacant bed is available.
  4. In case of emergency, out of turn admission will be advised.
  5. Patients will not be admitted based on recommendations or other considerations
  6. Wheel chairs, patient trolleys etc. are available free of charge at the entrance of OPD.


We Inform our Patient and their relatives: Please try to appreciate the various constraints under which the hospital is functions with an average of 3200 patients attending the OPD daily & another 150 patients visiting the Casualty daily. Hence please help us keep the hospital clean and friendly. Please follow the rules and regulations of the hospital while inside the hospital campus.

  • Please do not cause inconvenience to other patients by crowding or making noise unnecessarily.
  • Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surroundings neat and clean.
  • Avoid Plastic Bags
  • Please don't argue with security guards, to enter prohibited areas
  • Help maintain the order and peace inside the hospital premises.
  • Please use the facilities of this hospital with care and do not damage/ spoil hospital property.
  • Beware of Touts & unauthorized persons. Don't indulge in any money transactions with them.
  • The Hospital is a No Smoking Zone.
  • Please refrain from demanding under favours from the staff and officials.
  • Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions. These may be addressed to the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.