The Examination Center in the TVMC campus is a single centrally air conditioned chateau with internally fixed online examination systems with reprography and high speed printers. The center has a seating capacity of 400 students. The center has an internal convenio. The center is controlled by the Chief Superintendent of Examinations. Prof Ramesh Babu is the present CSOE.


The students are invited to understand that the Examination Center in the TVMC campus has certain regulatory provisions of its entrants. The students are advised .

  1. Be available at the door of the EC 45minutes before the start of examinations.
  2. Carry all needed stationery in a soft pouch and not in hard boxes
  3. Keep your hall ticket and campus ID card with you while entering the hall.
  4. Keep away any books or study material you may be carrying out side the hall
  5. Your are expected to be modestly dressed to exams and any violation of the campus dress codes will not be allowed.
  6. Smoking is prohibited
  7. Do not carry water bottles to the hall. Water is available inside the EC
  8. Do not bring in friends, family or relatives to the hall doors as it disturbs the campus and the EC area.
  9. Remain silent and calm.
  10. Mobile Phones, messaging equipments, laptops, palmtops, tablets are banned in the EC. Students are informed that if you are found in possession of these material, you will not be allowed to write the exams.
  11. You are expected to seat yourselves in the place marked by your register number 15minuted before commencement of the examinations.
  12. Once the exam commences, the EC front door is closed. No more entry will be permitted.
  13. Exam hall malpractices are viewed with regret. The student indulging in such malpractice is liable to face action under the regulations of the Affiliating University and the rules of discipline of the College.
  14. The student will not be permitted to leave the hall before the first hour of the exam is complete.
  15. Students cannot take any writing material from the hall like the answer books or additional sheets.


Are you

  • Feeling worried or anxious
  • Having difficulty in concentrating
  • unable to relax;
  • feeling jittery, jumpy or restless
  • feeling irritable and impatient
  • having a disturbed tummy
  • Sweating a lot
  • Feeling Cold or clammy hands
  • Experiencing hot or cold spells
  • Noticing NYD body aches
  • Feeling Dry mouth
  • Feel tingling in of hands or feet
  • Pounding or racing heart

JUST STAY COOL Exams can make anyone feel jittery, edgy and nervous, but that stress can cause disturb your exam performances.


  • Have a amply sized breakfast with boiled food – avoid fried foods like vada or poori.
  • Drink four to eight glasses of water daily
  • Decrease coffee drinking
  • Do some light exercise for 10-15minutes like a brisk walk.
  • Sleep at least 8hours before the exam day
  • Take a ALL IS WELL approach - a positive outlook gives positive experiences.
  • Laugh loud and clear – that will brighten your mood.
  • Be silent during study
  • Do not carry your books to the mess.
  • Prayer and Meditation will help you feel better.

Good luck young ones