Dr.B.M.Pabitha Devi MS
Member Secretary

Welcome to the Central Medical Library in the TVMC Campus. This is grove of books and information which has grown to be an independent unit of the TVMC. We have a 3500sqm of floor space for all facets of medical science and all citizens of the campus. We have a e Journal section with a full gamut of references to aid research and teaching. We are also proud to inform that efforts at establishing an e Journal named tejms – Tirunelveli e Journal of Medical Sciences, e-Medical education portal named mEd hall for storage and retrieval of medical powerpoints and videos are on the anvil under the Innovation & Strategic Planning Initiative of the institute.

About CML

The Central library is spreads on two floors with specialized collections of Books, Journals in Basic Medical Sciences, Medical and Surgical Specialties, Biotechnology, Radiology and Laboratory Medicine. The Library has a Video Conferencing facility and also provides teaching through EDUSAT . The library is administered by a team of well trained staff who are expert in selecting, acquiring, organizing, maintaining and making accessible a collection of printed and non-printed, study materials that will support the educational, research and public health programmes of both students and the faculty. Responding to the varying needs of the faculty, students and administration the library services and resources, the library helps users with point-of-use instruction, personal assistance in conducting literature search and other reference services.

The library has a dedicated e Journal access which has access to more than 1500 medical journals in as many as 45 disciplines. All e journals are accessed through either the e-Journal portal of the TN Dr MGR Medical University of the NML-ERMED portal. All graduates and residents who need help to get connected to these portals are requested to place their requests through email to: ch_librarian@tvmc.ac.in
They may also take the help of Dr.J.Lawrence Wesley at the college campus office. The hard copy journals are available in the first floor of the library campus.The library is creating a new initiative under the Innovation and Strategic Planning initiative to create a permanent library of e-videos, powerpoint presentations and education material for the use of the students, resident and campus.



The library envisions to provide documents, information and environment that will be helpful to imparting medical and paramedical education, promoting research and development thereby leading to improved medical and health care.


2.1. Admission of Usage: Entry to the library and its premises is a prerogative of the college and library administration. The following regulations  are adopted
2.1.1 Faculty of the Tirunelveli Medical College and Hospital have automatic admissions to use the premises on joining duty at any of these institutes. They shall be allowed to enter the premises on production of the college / hospital identity card.
2.1.2 Faculty, who are yet to be provided the ID card of the college / hospital, may provide a Xerox copy of their appointment letter as evidence to the librarian for admission.
2.1.3 Faculty without evidence as in given in clauses 2.1.1 or 2.1.2 may be disallowed entry.
2.1.4 Students of the Tirunelveli Medical College have authorized admissions to use the premises on joining study at this institute. They shall be allowed to enter the premises on production of the college identity card.
2.1.5 Students, who are yet to be provided the ID card of the college, may provide a Xerox copy of their admission order issued by the college office as evidence to the librarian for admission.
2.1.6 Students without evidence as in given in clauses 2.1.4 or 2.1.5 may be disallowed entry.
2.1.7 ID Cards are checked by library staff or their appointees who should be wearing ID badges themselves.
2.1.8 The administration reserves the right to ask any user who does  not complying with rules and regulations of the library, or not carrying the TVMC/TVMCH ID Card to leave the library premises forth with
2.1.9 The individual – faculty or student who violate the clauses 2.1.1 to 2.1.8 in two separate episodes will automatically loose their memberships.


Weekdays 8.00am to 8.00pm
SUNDAYS 8.00am to 1.00pm
HARD COPY 8.00am to 8.00pm
E JOURNALS 10.00am to 6.00pm
8.00am to 12.00pm


2.3.1 Library has an open access system. All the shelves are properly arranged cited with subject and further arranged by the Author and Title, as per classified catalogue available at the entrance.
2.3.2 The college web site has a search option which helps tracking books – this may be referred in case of difficulty.
2.3.3 Books in the library are not for loan. No book of the library is issued.
2.3.4 Material for reading is to be carried by the members themselves to the respective reading halls. Help of the library staff can be asked to take out unmanageable / fragile/ out of the reach volumes
2.3.4 The reading material should not be replaced in shelves after use. Please leave the books on the reading tables itself. The library staff will stack the books properly.
2.3.5 All the library transactions are stopped 15 minutes before the schedule closing time of the library.
2.3.6 Reading material already borrowed by some user can be “Reserved” by filling out a “Reservation Slip” and depositing at the issue counter. The member who reserves the material will be informed as soon as the material is returned.


3.1. Membership of faculty or students in TVMC & affiliate hospitals is restricted to only till such period that they hold post or are posted for study at the TVMC or any of its affiliate hospitals.
3.2 They shall have to obtain a ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Chief Librarian before leaving the institution after surrendering ID Card issued to them.
3.3 ‘No Dues Certificate’ will be issued on the government working days only.
3.4 The Offices of the Dean and Medical Superintendent are too verify the submission of such no dues certificate issued by the library. The relieving orders of faculty or the course and conduct certificates of the students should be issued only after ascertaining the submission.


4.1 Each department is entitled to create a corpus of 100 or more books as per MCI norms by borrowing books for ready reference.
4.2 Only those books, which have more than one copy, will be issued to the department against the signature of the departmental head. If single copy, will be kept in reference section only.
4.3 All the departmental books should be available in the department only for ready reference.
4.4 A proper record will have to be kept by the department for these books and department will be responsible for them.


5.1 The library issues the books of SC/ST Book Bank to the SC/ST students only.
5.2 This service is without any charges.
5.3 The student is required to produce the SC/ST certificate for availing of this facility.


6.1 Members are liable to replace the damaged document if there is Tearing of pages, Tearing of binding, Dog-earing, Underlining or any other damage as considered liable by the library staff
6.2 The faculty or student shall pay the cost of the book to the college office as deemed for the purpose.
6.3 Faculty shall be issued the no dues certificate only after receipt of the same. The payment has to be made within 3 weeks of the notice of damage or before the date  of relief of the institute which ever is earlier, or else has to face disciplinary action under the respective clauses.
6.4 Students shall be allowed to take the next exam due only after completion of this  process. The payment has to be made within 3 weeks of the notice of damage or before the date  of relief of the institute which ever is earlier, or else has to face disciplinary action under the respective clauses


7.1 E Journal section users are allowed to use this facility only for academic  & educational purpose & not for personal purposes.
7.2 Password will be available only with the library staff assigned for the duty
7.3 User will be allowed entry with valid ID/ Library card only
7.4 Depending upon the rush, time constraints may be applied by the library staff on duty
7.5 All user are required to make LEGIBLE entry in the register kept for this purpose
7.6 User is NOT ALLOWED to make any change in the setting of PC, adding any executable programs, deleting files etc. User should not remove/damage any hardware etc or interchange keyboard, mouse etc. Downloading of software other than required for academic purpose is not allowed.

Book Assistance

The library has more than 40000volumes of books with 22793 new editions. All Print books are located on the ground floor of the library. Check availability in the CML Catalog. Take the help of the chaperons at the library floor. Please inform the librarian if you need more help in locating a book.
The following books are most preferred and hence needs waiting.

  • Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
  • Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease
  • Nelson's Textbook of Pediatrics
  • Logan Turners’ Text Book of ENT
  • Parsons Textbook of Ophthalmology
  • Davidsons Textbook of Medicine
  • Bailey & Love Textbook of Surgery
  • Ackermanns Surgical Pathology
  • Mandell, Douglas Principles & Practice of Infectious Diseases
  • Neurology - Raymond Adams
  • Please maintain silence in the reading halls and keep safe the books taken.