Vision Statement

We, the Tirunelveli Medical College shall grow

  • To be one among the premier global medical teaching institutes that shall provide to the world society a continuous stream of responsible, ethical, well trained medical and paramedical professionals
  •     To be one among the premier global medical and health research institutes that strives to improve lives and health of the world citizen through collaborative leadership, consummate effort, innovative ideas, global educational effort and ethical research.
  •     To serve the Government of Tamilnadu as a foremost Medical Institute, to eliminate disparities in physician and scientist training, health care treatment, and health care access among the underrepresented, underprivileged sections of our mother society

Our Mission

We, the Tirunelveli Medical College shall persevere & strive

  •     To develop and promote an acknowledged standard of excellence based on the core values of professionalism and ethics in Duty, Dignity & Integrity, Discipline & Personal Responsibility, Respect to Heritage and Service.
  •     To continuously promote a culture that clearly recognizes and values the role of staff as partners in the success of the missions and to create an environment that attracts highest quality and ensures rewards.
  •     As partners with the faculty and students, the Medical College is committed to provide all modern infrastructures to support the pursuit of excellence in education, patient care, innovation and research.
  •     As an Institute, wherein we shall improve the number and performance of high school students who matriculate from into scholars of medicine and science from underprivileged & underrepresented sections of our society.
  •     To create a responsive administrative organization that effectively provides the infrastructure and ensures optimum utilization of resources and incentives, develop a strategic planning and policy evaluation methodology required to support medical education, patient care and research.

Core Values

We, the Tirunelveli Medical College shall persevere & strive in its mission to achieve the goals set for us by our noble class of teachers and alumni based on the core values of
Professionalism & Ethics: based on the axioms of the Hippocrates Oath and the ethical values inculcated in us through years of professional experience of our forerunners, with..
Dignity and Integrity: which shall be our guiding principle in all our professional decisions, teaching attitudes, campus performances, interpersonal relations and consummate global efforts at growth with adherence to the natural tenets of
Discipline: guided by regulations and requisites of the institute and laws of nature and natural justice, in all our performances and relationships in this campus which shall be crowned by our
Personal Responsibility: through thoughtful actions and informed acts which shall rise to glorify our
Heritage : the tradition of kindness, care, empathy & value for human life in
Service: of the patient based on six values of medical ethics namely Autonomy (the patients right to refuse or choose their treatment—Voluntas aegroti suprema lex), Beneficence (practitioner to act in the best interest of the patient-Salus aegroti suprema lex), Non-maleficence ("first, do no harm" -primum non nocere), Justice (distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment - fairness and equality), Dignity (the patient and the person treating the patient have the right to be treated with dignity) and Truthfulness and honesty (of informed consent).

Quality Policy

We, The Tirunelveli Medical College, are committed to provide Quality Medical care to our patients, Quality Medical Education to our Enrollments and Quality Health Guidance to our Society with uncompromised reliability.

Towards this end, we will always persevere and strive to create an environment of excellence in education, professionalism and patient service, to achieve the highest level of quality .

We will always work towards continually upgrading our human resources, technology, and accord effectiveness of our Quality Management System

College Oath


 I solemnly pledge by the spirit of TVMC that

I consecrate my life to save human life and redeem them from pain

I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity and maintain by all means, the honour of my profession

I will not entertain considerations of age, disease, disability, caste, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing

I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights or civil liberties of my patients, even under dire threat

I will uphold the honour of my institute and shall enhance and empower my alumnus in teaching, training.

I make these promises solemnly, as today I walk to the great world holding the torch of the TVMC-ian.

Adapted from the Declaration of Geneva, adopted by the General Assembly of the World Medical Association at Geneva 1948

College Anthem

Now you are hearing the anthem of Tirunelveli Medical College.Composed by The College band "Chromosome M". DOWNLOAD

Tirunelveli Medical College
The College Anthem

Hurrah Hurrah My TVMC

The portal dear, you are our life

We have grown in your womb

To learn the art and master strife

The healing touch and the finesse.

You were born, long before

We reached your shore to enjoin

Your founded class, the tvmcian

Of the selfless spirit, to endear and adore.

In a city so far, from the towers of power

You live with nature, to give who implore

The fairy sight and angels touch

For all who see in you a mother of care.

We have come, as many and more

For all shall of us and them be

Your kinsman and clan ever

And shall be yours as till we live.

You are the sun, to all our hearts

As the moon our dreams shall light

The life of the haves and the not

Yet soft and silent you shall flow.

Hurrah! Hurrah! My TVMC