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About MDRU

The Department of Health Research was created as a new Department under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide Presidential Notification dated the 17th September, 2007 by an amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. The Department has been allocated 9 new functions to promote health research activities, besides the ongoing work relating to the management and administration of ICMR.

Government of India, in June, 2013, vide sanction order at approved the scheme for ‘Establishment of Multi -Disciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in the Government Medical Colleges/Research Institutions’ during the 12th  Plan period as a path- breaking initiative to develop/strength the health research infrastructure in the country to fulfill the newly allocated function of the Department related to the “Promotion, Coordination and Development of Basic, Applied and Clinical Research”.


The objectives of the present scheme are to:

  1.  Encourage and strengthen an environment of research in medical colleges.
  2. Bridge the gap in the infrastructure which is inhibiting health research in the Medical Colleges by assisting them to establish multidisciplinary research facilities with a view to improving the health research and health services.
  3. To ensure the geographical spread of health research infrastructure, in order to cover un-served and under-served Medical Colleges and other institutions.
  4. To improve the overall health status of the population by creating evidence-based application of diagnostic procedures/processes/methods

FUNDING/FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE PROJECT:One time financial assistance upto Rs. 5.25 crores will be provided to each Government Medical College/Institution for setting up of modern biological lab/multi-disciplinary research unit. This will include Rs.5.00 crores towards equipment and Rs.25 lakhs for minor civil works for modifications/renovation in the space to be provided by the State Medical College



  1. To undertake research in non-communicable diseases and other need-based research as recommended by the Local Research Committee/Expert Committee of the DHR employing newer tools.
  2. To promote and encourage quality medical research in the Institution.
  3. To  constitute the  local  research  committees for  identifying the  research priorities  and projects with participation of State health system officials

In the fulfillment of this vision, the MRHRU, Tirunelveli will aspire to:

Provide the highest level of patient related translational research.
Work with integrity and passion to fulfill the mission of high quality health research.
Seek innovative, holistic solutions to nationally important health issues in collaboration with all.
The Multi Disciplinary Research Unit, Tirunelveli will recognize the growing need for a critical knowledge base in health information technology for stakeholders in tertiary medical care. MDRU-TVMC will be bound by natural responsibility to study the diseases that require answers and that which will aid planning, technology and expertise transfers and provide informational resources, educational and technical assistance that could bridge barriers in implementing a modern, affordable and sustainable model of health care delivery based on sound principles of quality. The MDRU -TVMC will also train and disseminate the best clinical practices and offer practical solutions in all rural facilities.


The MDRU-TVMC is located in the first floor of the Central Library complex of Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli.

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The MDRU is guided and mentored by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF EPIDEMIOLOGY (ICMR) Chennai. The functioning is monitored by a system of committees

1. ChairpersonDeanDr. S.M.Kannan MS Much1. ChairpersonDeanDr.S.M.Kannan MS MCh
2. Vice ChairpersonVice PrincipalDr. C.Revathy MD2. Vice ChairpersonVice PrincipalDr. C.Revathy MD
3. Member SecretaryCoordinator ResearchDr. K.Shantaraman MD3. Member SecretaryCoordinator ResearchDr. K.Shantaraman MD
4. MemberHOD General MedicineDr. M.Ravichandran MD4. MemberProfessor of PathologyDr.K.Swaminathan MD
5. MemberHOD General SurgeryDr. M.S.Varadarajan MS5. MemberCoordinator - AdminDr.B.Meenakshi MD
6. MemberHOD Obs & GynaecDr. S.Ramalakshmi MD DGO6. MemberProfessor of PharmacologyDr. J.Ezhil Ramya MD
7. MemberHOD PediatricsDr. C.Krishnamoorthy MD DCH7. MemberProfessor of Obs & GynecologyDr.S.Ramalakshmi MD
8. MemberHOD BiochemistryDr. M.Saradha MD8. MemberProfessor of PediatricsDr. C.Krishnamurthy MD
9. MemberHOD PharmacologyDr. J.Ezhil Ramya MD9. MemberProfessor of PsychiatryDr. G.Ramanujam MD
11. MemberHOD Community MedicineDr Krishnaleela MD11. MemberProfessor of Genl MedicineDr M.Ravichandran MD
12. MemberCoordinator Administration (MRU-TVMC)Dr.B.Meenakshi MD12. MemberAdministrative Officer , Office of Dean, TVMC
1. ChairpersonDeanDr.S.M.Kannan MS MCh1. ChairpersonDeanDr.S.M.Kannan MS MCh
2. Vice ChairpersonVice PrincipalDr.C.Revathy MD2. Vice ChairpersonVice PrincipalDr.C.Revathy MD
3. Member SecretaryCoordinator ResearchDr. K.Shantaraman MD3. Member SecretaryCoordinator ResearchDr. K.Shantaraman MD
4. MemberProfessor of PathologyDr.J.Suresh Durai MD4. MemberProfessor of PathologyDr. Arasi Rajesh MD
5. MemberProfessor of BiochemistryDr. M.Saradha MD5. MemberProfessor of PharmacologyDr. J.Ezhil Ramya MD
6. MemberProfessor of PharmacologyDr. J.Ezhil Ramya MD6. MemberProfessor of NephrologyDr. V.Ramasubramanian DM
7. MemberProfessor of PediatricsDr.TRR. Ananthy Shri7. MemberProfessor of BiochemistryDr. M.Saradha MD
8. MemberProfessor of MedicineDr. M.Ravichandran MD8. MemberProfessor of Obs & GynaecologyDr. M.Sujatha MD DGO
9. MemberProfessor of OrthopedicsDr. S.Manikandan MS9. MemberProfessor of DermatologyDr. P.Nirmala Devi MD
10. MemberCoordinator Administration (MRU-TVMC)Dr.B.Meenakshi MD10. MemberCoordinator Administration (MRU-TVMC)Dr.B.Meenakshi MD
11. MemberProfessor of DermatologyDr P.Nirmala Devi MD11. MemberAdministrative Officer , Office of Dean, TVMC
12. MemberAdministrative Officer , Office of Dean, TVMC12. MemberOffice Superintendent
1. ChairpersonDeanDr.S.M.Kannan MS MCh
2. Vice ChairpersonVice PrincipalDr.C.Revathy MD
3. Member SecretaryCoordinator ResearchDr. K.Shantaraman MD
4. MemberProfessor of PathologyDr. J.Suresh Durai MD
5. MemberProfessor of PharmacologyDr. J.Ezhil Ramya MD
6. MemberProfessor of DermatologyDr. P.Nirmala Devi
7. MemberProfessor of General MedicineDr. M.Ravichandran MD
8. MemberProfessor of General SurgeryDr.M.S.Varadarajan MS
9. MemberProfessor of BiochemistryDr. M.Saradha MD
10. MemberCoordinator Administration (MRU-TVMC)Dr.B.Meenakshi MD
11. MemberAdministrative Officer , Office of Dean, TVMC
12. MemberOffice Superintendent
1. ChairpersonDr. V. Nagarajan MD DM, DSc Retd Professor of General Medicine, Chairman Neurosciences Group, ICMR
Governing Council Member, TN Dr MGR Medical University & SRM University, Consultant Neurologist, Madurai
2. Vice ChairpersonDr. S. Sudhakar MSc PhDProfessor & HOD,
Department of Biotechnology,
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli.
3. Member - Academic Expert in Genitourinary DiseaseDr. S.M.Kannan MS MChDean and Fmr Professor of Urology
4. Member - Academic Expert in Renal Diseases
Dr. J. Balasubramaniam MD DMDirector, Kidney Care Center, Tirunelveli, Educational Ambassador to International Society of Nephrology
Adjunct Professor of Nephrology,
TN Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai
5. Member - Clinical Expert in Cardiovascular Diseases
Dr.M.S.Mahaboobu Subuhani MD DMDirector & Consultant Cardiologist, Galaxy Hospitals, Tirunelveli Former Asst Professor of Cardiology, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli
6. Member - Clinical Expert in Childhood Diseases
Dr. S.Raju MD DCH, Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Krishna Hospitals, Tirunelveli, Treasurer, Indian Academy of Pediatrics
7. Member - Academic Expert in Psychosocial DisordersDr. G. Ramanujam MD, Professor and HOD,
Department of Psychiatry,
Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli
8. Member - Academic Expert in
Pharmacovigilance & Drug Testing
Dr. B. Meenakshi MDAssociate Professor Pharmacology,
Nodal Officer, Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre, Pharmaco-Vigilance Program of India, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli
9. Member - State Nominee & Clinical Expert in Digestive DiseasesDr. K.Narayanasamy MD DMState Level Nodal Officer – MRU Project, Professor & HOD, Department of Hepatology, Madras Medical College & Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Chennai
10. Member - ICMR Nominee & Academic Expert in Community Medicine & EpidemiologyDr. J. Yuvaraj MD,
Scientist F, National Institute of Epidemiology (ICMR), Chennai
11. Member Secretary & Expert in CancerDr. K. Shantaraman MDNodal Officer MRU Project (ICMR) Professor & HOD, Dept of Pathology
Coordinator Research – TVMC
Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli


DateEvent/Meeting Agenda
22.10.2013Empowering MeetConstitution of the MRU
Identification of Site
04.01.2014Empowering Meet1. Constitution of Governing Committee
2. Appointment of Dr.K.Shantaraman, Coordinator Research as Nodal Officer
04.01.2014GOVERNING COUNCIL MEET1. Constitution of Empowered Committees -
a. Equipment Purchase Committee
b. Civil Work Committee
c. Finance Advisory Committee
d. Staff Appointment Committee.
21.01.2014GOVERNING COUNCIL MEET1. Discussion on Building Requirements
2. Discussion on Equipments List and Purchases
3. Discussion on initiating research proposals
12.02.2014EQUIPMENTS COMMITTEE1. Finalizing List for Purchase under first phase
2. Discussion on specifications for each equipments
14.05.2014EQUIPMENTS COMMITTEE1. Approval of Final List and Specifications
14.05.2014CIVIL WORK COMMITTEE1. Approval of Designs and Plans for MRU
2. Ratification of Payment of Cheque for PWD
08.08.2014EQUIPMENTS COMMITTEE1. Approval for payment of Cheque for TNMSC
2. Approval of tender Procedures
08.09.2014EQUIPMENTS COMMITTEE1. Discussion on issue of purchase orders
2. Discussion on reducing delay in purchase
11.09.2014STAFF APPOINTMENT COMMITTEE1. Discussion of Procedure of Recruitment
2. Discussion of guidelines and interview committees.
11.09.2014FINANCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE1. Ratification of payment of Cheques to PWD and TNMSC
22.10.2014EQUIPMENT COMMITTEE1. Review of Equipment Purchases
2. Approvals of Purchases
12.11.2013GOVERNING COUNCIL1. Review of progress in equipment purchases
2. Review of progress of civil works
3. Discussion on staff appointments
4. Review of financial status
10.12.2014FINANCE ADVISORY1. Ratification of Purchase payments made
2. Ratification of UC and SOE issued
10.12.2014EQUIPMENTS1. Review of purchases pending
2. Review of pending payments
09.02.2015STAFF APPOINTMENT1. Ratification of Advertisement
2. Discussion on Test and Interview schedules, methods, eligibility and qualification norms and mode of conduct of interview and examination
12.02.2015CIVIL WORKS1. Review of completion of civil works
2. Approval of completion certificate
12.02.2015FINANCE ADVISORY 1. Approvals for Advertisement Fees
2. Ratification of UC and SOE submitted
12.02.2015EQUIPMENTS1. Approvals for New Equipments requirements
2. Review of Purchases
11.03.2015EQUIPMENTS1. Approvals of Purchases Completed
2. Review of Progress
16.3.2015FINANCE ADVISORY1.Approvals of Equipment Purchase payments
2. Review of Financial Status
6.8.2015EQUIPMENT PURCHASE1. Discussion on status of supply of phase I equipments.
2. Discussion on list of equipment to be purchased in Phase II sanctions
6.8.2015STAFF APPOINTMENTS1. Approval of the renewal of contracts for all appointed staff
2. Discussion on Scientist II appointment modalities
6.8.2015FINANCE ADVISORY1. Approval of all UC & SOE issued
2. Report on financial status of MRU
3. Discussion on expenses incurred & approvals
7.8.2015GOVERNING COUNCIL1. Approval of minutes of sub committees
2. Review of progress and scientific work undertaken




  1. A study of the genetic determinant of Familial Adult Onset Myoclonic Epilepsy in a Unique community in South Tamilnadu
  2. Identification of Novel Genomic Marker as predictor of Sudden Cardiac Death in a specific South Tamilnadu population
  3. Search for a Specific Genomic Marker in predicting the occurrence of severe cutaneous adverse drug reactions for Carbamazepine in South Indian population
  4. Genomic Profile of Spino-Cerebellar Ataxia in South Tamilnadu – A study to establish proof of concept for specific drug discovery
  5. Genomic Profile of Parkinsons Disease in South Tamilnadu – A study to establish proof of concept for specific drug discovery
  6. Identification of Circular RNA CiRS-7 in Breast Cancer and determine its Predictive value as a novel biomarker of breast cancer among women in South Tamilnadu Communities
  7. Estimation of soluble fms like tyrosine kinase1(sFlt-1) and placental growth factor (PlGF) in determining preeclampsia
  8. A study of incidence of Carotid artery intimal tear in cases of death due to antemortem hanging
  9. Triple negative breast carcinoma – a search for a specific biomarker
  10. A comparative study of the levels of serum erythropoietin in patients with diabetic kidney disease and kidney disease of non diabetic etiology
  11. Comparison of the Effects of Purified Curcumin and Natural State  Turmeric on the Angiogenesis in Zebrafish Embryo
  12. Role of Iodine and Selenium in Multi Nodular form of Hashimotos Thyroiditis in our community
  13. Estimation of Glycosaminoglycans / Proteoglycans (GAG/PG), N-Acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase (NAG), and Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) levels in Urine – As early markers of Nephropathy in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Patients
  14. Is prealbumen band quantification an indicator of the clinical status of terminal cancer patients
  15. Predicting the occurrence of adverse drug reactions for 5 FLURO URACIL in South Tamilnadu population
  16. Development of Population Based Stroke Registry in different regions of India
  17. A Study on magnitude and pattern of heart failure – A feasibility study
  18. Effects of Natural State  Ginger on the Haematopoiesis in Zebrafish Embryo as a proof of concept of a larger clinical role
  19. Effect of Life style modification including Yoga on Glycaemic Control among Newly Diagnosed Pre-diabetic Young Adults
  20. Study of prevalence of pre-hypertension in adolescent population of Tirunelveli city
  21. IL 6 and Alpha-TNF Levels as specific indicators to predict outcome in Dengue Shock Syndrome patients
  22. Hospital Based Cancer Registry
  23. Role of Urinary Electrophoresis in prognosis of paediatric renal failure
  24. A hospital based study of immunological profile of neuropathies of undetermined aetiology
  25. Risk of Recurrence of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm (R-ROMA) – A Multivariate regression model for prediction of tumour residue in ovarian tumours using serial estimation of plasma CA 125 levels and digital SNP quantification
  26. Unexplained anemia of elderly and sirtuins SIRT 1 expression – an establishment of proof of concept in search of newer treatment options
  27. Is occult myelodysplasia a cause of unexplained anaemia of elderly – a search of a proof of concept
  28. Tirunelveli Bio Bank Initiative (TBBI)
  29. Immunohistochemical expression of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in prostate – as proof of concept for developing newer therapeutic options



MRU-TVMC  calls for concepts from all faculty members to identify and establish their research priorities. The novelty and applicability of research concepts will be assessed by the Evaluation Committee of the MRU-TVMC and then placed for approval of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Unit Governing Council. This will be done under guidance of the National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai (our Mentor Institute). The concepts will be submitted to the DHR/ICMR for sanctions. Please feel free to call and discuss. Your contact persons – K.Shantaraman MD, Coordinator Research – Nodal Officer MRU & B.Meenakshi MD, Coordinator, Administration (MDRU). The Following are guideline concepts for your kind reference. To Download click here….Research Areas


In order to bring efficiency and transparency in proceeding of Extramural Research Projects and to save time and efforts of the investigators, the Council has decided to adopt online and two stages processing of extramural projects.
The revised procedure is as follows:
1. Registration : In order to submit proposals to ICMR PI‟s has to first register into the system. To register into the system click on the “Register Now‟ link on the home page.  Fill in the necessary details – all fields marked by red * are compulsory. The ‘user-id’ and ‘”password’ provided by the PI‟s in the registration form is to be used by PI‟s every time to login into the system. While filling in the educational details and research experience details, click on the “+ -” buttons on the respective heading rows to add more/delete any details. The uploaded resume should be ONLY 1 page long and in PDF format ONLY. The system will not allow adding a resume longer than 1 page. The resume should contain information on the recent publications for the last 5 years, with full “Bibliographical Details‟. These should not include papers in press. In the resume PI‟s should also indicate the followings:Financial support received: 1. From ICMR: Past Present Pending    2. From other sources: Past Present Pending

2. Pre-proposal Submission: Initially the investigators are required to submit a concept note (pre-proposal) only, not exceeding 3-5 pages. This note describes the justification and objectives of the study, novelty, applicability & expected outcomes, benefits, proposed methodology, duration of the project and tentative budget. Select Multi Disciplinary Research Unit in the drop down menu. The investigators may look into the thrust areas of research of the Council, identified by ICMR based on national needs, available on the ICMR website, while preparing the concept note. The concept note can be submitted any time in the year. After receiving the concept note a unique project identification number (ID No.) is generated automatically by the system and an acknowledgment would be automatically generated & sent through Email. All future correspondence and sanctions should invariably quote this number. No. Future enquiry/correspondence would be entertained by ICMR without this number. The concept proposals received during the month or within the fixed last date are scrutinized and evaluated by the Council during the following month and decision is communicated to investigators for both selected (shortlisted) and non-selected proposals by email sent through the system.

3. Pre-Proposal format (PDF file): Pre-proposal need to be prepared with the following sub headings (Mandatory) 1. Title of the project should be clearly spelt out having maximum 25 words. 2. Introduction: Maximum 250 words. 3. Novelty: Maximum 100 words. 4. Applicability: Maximum 100 words. 5. Description of the project: Maximum 700 words. This will include methodology, feasibility, out come, budget, etc. Please note that the above list will go in the PDF document that you are uploading onto the system. This is in addition to the contents being filled in the remaining fields in the pre-proposal submission form. Once the pre-proposal is shortlisted and result of screening committee is uploaded on the system the PI’s will be asked to submit full proposal online in stipulated time frame in the format of ICMR adhoc proposal. The PIs are also required to mandatorily submit 10 hard copies and CD (soft copy of proposal) along with online submission

4. Submission of Full Proposal: The Principal investigators (Pl‟s) of the shortlisted concept notes are asked to expand their proposal into detailed project in the format of the ICMR ad-hoc projects within a period of not more than 6 months (except in the case of called for proposal where specific time is given) and submit to the Council online. One ink signed copy along with 9 photo copies and one soft copy on a CD is required to be submitted failing which the project will not be processed. The hard copies and the CD should be posted to the address given below only. The detailed project will be also evaluated by the Council within a fixed time and decision would be communicated to investigators online.

5. Detailed Proposal Format: detailedProposal

6. Details of Codal Formalities: In accordance with ICMR regulation the following documents should be included in the process of uploading the detailed proposals online.

1. Undertaking of Proposal Limits

2. Undertaking on DSIR Certificate

3. Equipment Non Availability Certificate

4. Certificate of Staff Recruitement

5. Non Submission Certificate

6. Undertaking of Previous ICMR Projects

7. Declaration & Attestation

7. Contact Address: Dr.V K Srivastava Scientist G, Head P&I Division & Coordinator Online Processing & Management System of ICMR Extramural Projects Indian Council of Medical Research Ansari Nagar,New Delhi-110029 Phone:011 26589578,+919891011755, E-mail: vijaiksri@gmail.com