About the Department

Dr.B.Krishnaleela MD
Professor & HOD

I am a proud alumnus of this institute and am even proud to be the Head of the Department of Community Medicine. We have a vibrant undergraduate training program with 3 rural training centres and 1 urban training centre for the students to learn community health care real time.


Sir Joseph William Bhore

Sir Joseph William Bhore headed a committee set up by the government of India in 1943 to investigate and recommend improvements to the Indian Public Health system. Under his chairmanship the committee made many landmark recommendations in its final report in 1946. He said in the report "If it were possible to evaluate the loss, which this country annually suffers through the avoidable waste of valuable human material and the lowering of human efficiency through malnutrition and preventable morbidity, we feel that the result would be so startling that the whole country would be aroused and would not rest until a radical change had been brought about"

Community Programs

World Health Day 2019 – April 7 , 2019

World Health Day was celebrated in the department on the theme ” Universal Health Coverage”. As a part of the program a Quiz was conducted with 27 teams. The winner was Ms.Lakshmi Bala, Ms. Shenbaga Harini and Ms. Kiruthika.

Academics & Research


The department imparts basic training in public health and disease prevention to graduate medical students through 3 years of the course. The students are imparted knowledge of basic nuances of preventive medical interventions and public health through onsite community activity in the Rural Health Training Centres at Pathamadai attached to the college and the different primary health care centers of the district. The students are encouraged to undertake social and preventive measures in the villages and engage in public health counseling, health education, and health surveys. The students are encouraged to undertake house to house health education interaction in the villages and educate them on the importance of population control measures, pregnancy care, birthing, child craft and the various health schemes of the government pertaining to family planning, welfare, mother and child care and medical emergency management.


The department is involved with implementation of

  • Integrated Disease Surveillance Project: A program run under the National Rural Health Mission this department is the primary node for three districts—namely Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Thoothukudi forming the southern tip of the Indian peninsula.
  • Adolescent Health Care Program: A program run under the National Rural Health Mission which engages in providing outreach services to adolescent children in all schools in the Tirunelveli district.
  • Urban Health Programme: A program run under the National Rural Health Mission which engages in providing outreach services and public health education to the urban slums around Tirunelveli district.
  • Public Health Survey: A program run under the National Rural Health Mission which engages in conducting regular health surveys on indicators, preferences and response to public health education in the urban dwellings in Tirunelveli city.